Video Resources

Indigenous Foundations contains several video archives. Many are presented through the First Nations Studies Program’s Interactive Video / Transcript Viewer (IVT) that allows you to view video and synchronized transcripts and navigate and search them easily (if the IVT doesn’t work right away, see IVT Browser and Troubleshooting Information for help). There are links to these archives from many pages throughout the site, but you can also access them directly through this section. Below are short descriptions of the archives with links to more information, but you can also navigate to them through the menu at your left. Check back as more resources are made available all the time.

Oral Narratives of the Klamath Termination

Oral Narratives of the Klamath Termination is a set of interviews with members of the Klamath Tribes (formerly the Confederated Tribes of the Klamath Indian Reservation). The tribes (Klamath, Modoc, Yahooskin) formerly shared a vast reservation in southern Oregon, but lost their status as Indian people and as tribes along with their control of reservation lands through an act of Congress in the 1950s. Other Oregon tribes, and some in the midwest, suffered a similar fate through a policy that was generally known as Termination. This archive explores their experience of that change and its aftermath.

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Governance and Land Claims

First Nations Studies Program Internet Speakers Series (2005): Governance and Land Claims. This archive contains eight public lecture sessions given in 2005 at the University of British Columbia exploring the history of Aboriginal land claims in British Columbia, the various ways in which they were negotiated, and the governance issues in communities related to them (British Columbia is distinguished in Canada in having relatively few treaties and therefore little legal surrender of rights). The eighteen speakers in the archive include First Nations leaders and lawyers active in these processes, academics, and other experts.

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Develop Your Own IVT Implementation

The IVT Viewer has been developed by First Nations Studies professor Linc Kesler at UBC as open-source software. You can download what you need to develop your own implementation by clicking here.