Guide Pages

Guide Pages are a way for people such a course instructors to organize approaches to the materials in Indigenous Foundations for specific uses, such as preparation for class discussions or course assignments.

If you have been directed to a guide page, look for it in the menu list to the left here.

If you would like to establish a guide page, please prepare a list of the materials you would like to identify and the text you’d like to appear on the page and contact us.

A note on Videos

Some guide pages contain links to IF video resources and some of them use our special Interactive Video / Transcript Viewer (IVT). When you click one of these video links, a viewer should pop up showing both the video and a linked transcript, and the video should begin to play (it sometimes takes a minute). Because the IVT uses a programming language that is built into your browser but not always fully supported, our video viewer (IVT) occasionally does not work with some browsers, after browser updates, or if your security settings are blocking it. If you have trouble, see IVT Browser and Troubleshooting Information for help.